How to care for a car that is in the open

Leaving the car outdoors is a drama of many people. There are several agents that attack the painting: strong sun, acid rain, bird droppings, vegetable fumes and the dreaded hail falls are part of the nightmare of those who can not park in covered parking spaces so you should  buy 1970 chevelle car cover for your car protection.The bank Ritiele Veiga is one of those who suffer from the need to leave their cars sleeping in the open, since she and her husband always liked old cars, but there was never room for all of them in covered parking spaces. She thought she had found the solution by leaving her L’Automobile Ventura, a rare national replica of the Alfa Romeo 1931, protected by a cover. But even that did not help. “Despite having lining, the cover eventually caused stains on the paint after a few years,” says Ritiele. “Under sun and rain, she ended up sticking to the body, even though the interior felt. So it’s been a month or so since I gave up the cover, which is stored in the trunk, not only because of these problems, but also to scare off the curious ones who wanted to see what car was underneath. “This is not to say that the cover should not be used, but it needs to be of good quality and placed with some care, as well as doing a beautiful job if you need to take it off and put it on every day. If this is your case, then the ideal is to be aware of the general condition of the painting and to provide a wash every week, as recommended by experts. According to Antônio Cosimato, owner of the automotive aesthetics center Deep Cleaning, “a car that stays in the open suffers and will need more protection for the paint, with the use of a long-lasting wax.” The application of the wax should comply with the visual criterion. When the car loses its brightness, it is time to go through a new waxing. Another trick is to see if water accumulates in the bodywork or not. If the drops drip easily, it is a sign that the body is protected by the wax and does not need a new application.

Plastic surgery

Cosimato also explains that depending on the type of car, the degree of concern of the owner varies. “The paint varnish of top-of-the-line imported models, such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, is tougher with ceramic additives. On the other hand, a body that has been repainted is more susceptible to the action of the weather, “says Cosimato. “But in all cases there are some components, such as plastics and rubbers, which deteriorate to the point where they have to be replaced by others, such as friezes and fences.” of auto parts and hypermarkets known as protectors or renovators of plastic parts.One of the most aggressive agents in painting is pigeon waste. “I recommend always having a bottle of water and a cloth in the car to remove this kind of dirt as fast as possible, especially if it is exposed to the sun,” says Cosimato. Already brands of vegetable sap, which drip from some types of trees, should be removed with hydrocarbon-based solvents, popularly known as tira-grude. Another major problem is acid rain, caused by the combination of water and air pollutants, which eventually corrodes the paint and leaving whitish marks. In this situation, it may be necessary to subject the painting to more intense treatments, known as polishing, crystallization and vitrification, each with a different duration.Wilson Zimmermann, owner of the SP Center Car funnel factory, explains that polishing has a restorative effect and is performed with the aim of correcting paint damage and brightening, but without protecting the bodywork. Made with a polisher that applies a special, more abrasive wax, it should be used with parsimony, at the risk of reducing the layer of paint. The process is indicated for paintings that are more worn or scratched and should be done at most once every two years, at the average cost of 250 reais. “Already crystallization has some protective effect against sun and gutters, among other agents not so harmful. It costs on average 300 reais and lasts for six months, “says Zimmermann. There is also a third stage, vitrification, which forms a protective resin layer of Tribond on top of the varnish, lasts three years and is around 600 reais,Another villain for the car that sleeps in the open is hail rain. Here only a roof over the garage or a cover lined with thick lining can prevent injury. Specialists in repairing these small crunches say that the time and cost of this type of service varies with the size of the icebergs that hit the body. “There are cases where we can deliver the car the next day and others that require longer work. The cost starts from 1000 reais and can exceed 2,000 reais in more serious cases, “he says.


Using a good automotive cover can be an outlet to protect the paint from the car that is parked in the open air, however you must take some care and choose well before you buy, otherwise you will end up spending money for nothing and still run the risk of having the stained pottery. According to the sales manager of Bezi Indústria e Comércio, Valéria Rosa, the most suitable cover for those who leave the car in the open is made of special polyethylene texturized with full lining, including the sides. It should also have two other important items: a steel cable held in place by a small padlock (which avoids theft and is released from the car in strong wind) and a small inflatable balloon, placed between the hood and the hood, to facilitate ventilation. A good quality model costs between 120 and 200 reais, depending on the size.The most important tip, explains Valéria Rosa, is that the cover should not be placed if it is wet inside, or if the car’s engine is hot. “You should only use it with the body completely dry. The material is impermeable, so do not let the water penetrate and, in case of misuse, also does not let the moisture leave. This is what can cause blemishes, “she says. Therefore, avoid the cheaper models, made of PVC or polypropylene, since they do not resist the sun and may even crumble with time. And do not cover if the paint is not in good condition, or in the case of newly painted vehicles.

How to protect the car if you have no covered parking space

Anyone who does not have the opportunity to park the car in a covered parking space suffers a threat to the property, which is their vehicle. This happens at work and also when using a parking lot for monthly payers, who do not have all vacancies covered. The difficulty is also of being able to buy or rent a property that has vacancies covered for all the vehicles of a family. This is a concern for those who wish to extend the life of a car, whose average value in Brazil is high.In addition to bird droppings, hail and tree sap to damage the paint, the intense sun hits a lot of components, such as plastics and rubbers, which suffer a lot of wear and tear. Over time it is necessary to change them, especially those that are part of the friezes and fences. The fabric that lines the seats looks like it burned after a long time in the sun.

Protective covers – will it solve?

Sometimes even the covers are not efficient to protect the cars, because over time they can stain the paint. With the heat of the sun they can even adhere to body paint.Some covers are of good quality, but need to be placed very carefully. They have to be removed every day, which gives a certain amount of work. But this is necessary to prevent them from focusing on painting. In addition, you have to wash your car all week, because the dust residues, in contact with the cover, can get in friction with the paint and scratch it.In order to avoid wasting money on a cover and having the stains stained, the special textured polyethylene covers, with full lining, even on the sides, are indicated. They should also have a steel cord with padlock to prevent theft and prevent it from releasing in stronger winds. Ideally, you have an inflatable balloon, fitted into the cover and bodywork, which prevents contact and helps to ventilate. The price will vary by size.

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It is important to always be careful not to cover the cover if it is wet or if the car is wet. The bodywork should always be dry to use the cover. As the cover is waterproof, any moisture that exists will not evaporate and thus will cause blemishes. You also should never put the cover on if the car’s engine is still hot or on cars that have been painted recently.

When to wax

According to experts in automotive aesthetics , the car that sits outdoors needs more protection for the paint, which can be achieved with a long-lasting wax. The car over time will lose its brightness, which can be recovered with waxing. In the car with the preserved wax, water flows easily through the bodywork. The owner can check if it is time to wax again when he realizes that this is no longer happening.For the protection and renewal of plastic parts, which are often damaged by the intense sun, there are specific products for sale in auto parts stores and some supermarkets, which can lessen this effect.

Pigeon droppings, tree sap and acid rain

The varnish of imported cars, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi, resists more aggressive agents because it has ceramic additives.According to experts, the dove of pigeons and birds is one of the most aggressive agents for painting a car. It is advisable to always have a bottle of water and a cloth in the trunk to clean this type of dirt as quickly as possible, especially if the car is exposed to the sun.Stopping in the shade of trees can protect from the sun, but in compensation there are tree sap which drips on the car and leaves marks. They should be removed with solvent. Acid rain is also a problem because it contains corrosive elements that are in the air and that damage the paint. When this happens you must try to correct the defect with polishing, crystallization or even vitrification, although the effectiveness of these procedures has been questioned by many, in addition to having a high cost.

Hail, a feared event

If your car is parked in the open, there is a risk that it will be damaged by hailstorm. This depends on the region of Brazil where you live, because this is an event that occurs most frequently in the South and Southeast. The hail usually causes a lot of damage and damages the roof of the car, often breaking the windshield. In that case, not a cover would protect the bodywork.In addition to the paint, it is necessary to repair the kneading of the bodywork and the time for the service and value will depend on the damages, which vary according to the size of the ice stones, but it is possible to affirm that it would not be less than $ 1,000.

Waxing, first step for protection

Waxing consists of a simple application of wax, to protect the paint, which can be done by yourself, in your home. However, it is necessary to take care of technique in order to achieve a good uniform gloss result.